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Curiosity Trouvé

Since - bored and alone, a pandemic project

A little about me.

Every time I’m at a party I go on and on about art. My friends are awesome as they put up with this. Until last year. I stopped attending parties, yes partially because my friends are tired of my blabbering but, predominantly because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. I no longer have anyone to listen to, so like many I turned to the internet to search for a community of like minded individuals and that is how ‘The Curiosity Trouve’ was born.

I’m an opinionated art lover. I created ‘The Curiosity Trouve’ as an outlet to share my thoughts about the art world. It is meant to be an online Art/Tech magazine that explores various aspects of the art industry, technology and innovation.  

Unlike many art commentators, I tend to approach the art industry in a more critical and analytical manner over romanticism. So if you’re searching for flowery prose describing artworks this will not be for you.  The reason for this is that I work in the tech industry and have started my career as a data analyst. 

Additionally, my second objective of creating ‘The Curiosity Trouve’ is to support small/emerging artists. As a failed artist myself, I completely understand the hardship and trials of getting your art career started. If you are an artist (or representing one) and wish to be featured feel free contact me.

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