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Newly Discovered or Hidden Away?

Newly Discovered or Hidden Away? Taking a Look at Tiffany’s new campaign with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Controversy and drama alert! This week Tiffany & Co graced us all with the first glimpse of their new global campaign 'About Love'. The campaign had powerhouse couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, posing in front of a never before seen Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting.

The now viral painting featuring the luxury brand's iconic Tiffany Blue, is from a private collection called 'Equals Pi'. Tiffany purchased the painting from a private collector who had owned it since the early 1980s.

What do we think? Are we happy to get a chance to see a completely new work (well 'new' to us poor folks) by Basquiat? Or are we upset that a painting by such a famous painter was squirreled away from the public for so long?

How many works by other well known artists have been bought and sold privately, never to be seen by the masses?

Drama aside, I must say I do love this campaign. From the miraculous appearance of a ‘brand new’ Basquiat to the modern conceptual proposition. Queen Bee and Jay look phenomenal, the epitome of ‘American Royalty’. The mostly black creators behind the scenes (as is common with Beyonce’s creative team), from photographer to the glam squad. Annnd you know your girl loves diamonds. (links to their instagram below)

  • Photographer: @mason.poole

  • Models: Beyonce and JAY-Z

  • Make Up: @Sirjohn

  • Hair Styling for Beyonce: @jawaraw

  • Hair Styling for JAY-Z: @nakiarachon

  • Styling for Beyoncé: @marnixmarni

  • Styling for JAY-Z: @juneambrose




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